Sunday, January 13, 2008


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Boy, did the weather change in a week's time!! Last week, I was writing about the cold wave down in Louisiana where I had been and by the middle of this past week, I was running my air conditioner during the day!! I stayed south all week and it was like a miniature spring break, with temperatures in the 70's in Alabama and Georgia.

And all while I was on the road, of course. Now that I'm at home, on the weekend, it's turned nippy again and normal winter temperatures have returned. I was going to take Miss Velvet out for a mid-winter spin this afternoon, but the chilly wind put that idea on hold for awhile, probably till mid-March or so.

I predicted as much last week, while I was motorvating around the southeast. It'll be warm and pretty -- beautiful riding weather -- while I'm out and then just watch it turn cold, and/or rain when I get back home!! And so it did. It was pretty and warm enough yesterday, but I was worn-out from driving and winter is back today. My usual luck is still with me.

And of course, with the first glimmer of warmer weather those guys in the green and orange safety vests waste no time in breaking out their barrels and roping off a lane or two on the highways and so they have here. A section of I-640 that they worked on seemingly nearly forever looked to be about finished last weekend and I go through there Saturday only to find that they've got it all torn up again!!! And cops hovering around to make sure everyone sticks to that super-fast 45 mph speed limit!! I can't wait for spring, yet I dread it -- mixed emotions, for sure.

Used to be truckers had just two seasons -- winter and road construction. Now there's just construction, year-round. And they don't seem to git 'r done a bit faster, regardless of that. It's gone on so long in some places that the current workers' grandchildren will probably end up finishing it, twenty years or so from now. And by then it'll be obsolete and they'll have to start all over again! Nice country we've got here -- if they ever get through building it!!

I did manage to use my spare time working on Miss Velvet, since it's still too frigid outside to ride her as yet. Bought her some Christmas presents and spent a little  time prettying her up a little more. It's called "customizing," which is adding non-factory parts and accessories to make your bike something personal and not just a showroom motorcycle. Velvet now has her saddlebags, a sexy black bra on her fuel tank, a windshield, custom handgrips and a few other goodies. Here's the latest pics of my two-wheeled gal:

This is how she looked just a few days after I bought her last June

And here's how she looks in January of '08

That's all the bigger pics that AOL will let me embed in the body of this entry, so I've stuck three more in the box at the top, as you can see. One way or the other, I've got them all for you. Anyway, Velvet looks like a different bike from the showroom bike she was when I first "adopted" her. I might add some other things later on, when I can afford it. I'd like to put a more comfortable seat on her. But I'll have to cross that bridge a little later on.



jeanniebuggz said...

Yeah that bike sure looks different than when you bought it.  That's what customizing will do to it or I call it "giving it thr personal touch."  Maybe it'll turn a little warmer again by the end of the month.  Here's riding to you if so.

angelsfaceme1 said...

Hey Dawg,
       You've got Miss Velvet looking pretty sexy there. I hope the next time you are home you can get in some riding time. I sure Miss Velvet would love going out for a spin and the nice shining up she would get when you got home, LOL. I swear men love their bikes as much as they love their ladies.
You take care out there and keep your Angel in the jump seat.

jimbobd421 said...

bike loooks good Larrry.... Sounds like someone needs to invest in some leathers for those chilly rides. Look at Mustang seats when you get ready. will warn you, they are pricey  but well worth the money. You need to come to Louisiana  still in the 70's here..  Later gater

merry1621 said...

You have made Velvet your woman, Dawg!  You have dressed ner up and customized her very beautifully.  Good Job.  She's not the same girl you rode home last year.  She will be a good gal to have.  Won't complain, or bug you about doing chores around the house.  Just what every man needs a cusomized woman.  But I tell you, I am sure glad Dave doesn't want one. They scare me to death.  My 45 yr. old nephew was in a rush hour traffic wreck in Minneapolis late last fall, and he got thrown off the bike and into some field...good thing or he'd have been dead, probably.  He had 2 broked bones in one leg, a broken arm, a broken vertebrae, and other minor but painful injuries.  He just went back to work after New Years.  My sister (his folks) live in Arizona, so he did fly down and spent a couple weeks with him when he was almost well.  Loved your music, pal!  Merry